God Showing up in our Giving

Feb 27, 2020

I never thought I would ever write anything having to do with our giving money to the Church. In the past, whenever the topic has come up at Church my Husband and me would cringe and become instantly annoyed. We just didn’t get it and quite frankly thought it was really rude to talk about it. Just being honest! We’ve always given weekly but nowhere near tithing and never planned to give any more than we always have.

But then God…. Right around Christmas I felt led to make a particular monetary donation, there was an exact number on my mind of how much to give to a specific family (who I’ve never met), that has never happened to me before. My first thought was, “umm no way, that’s too much money, and besides, I still have to do our shopping.” But that number kept coming on my mind, and I finally submitted and bought to that exact number and donated the gifts - my husband thought it was a bit much, but he loves the Lord and trusts my judgment and didn’t give me any pushback. The fact that my husband did not say “no way” right off the bat showed me that God was also currently at work on his heart because in the past, neither one of us would have been on board.

And God showed up! The DAY AFTER I gave those gifts to the family (the DAY AFTER people!) I got a check in the mail for that amount PLUS an extra $40. Wow. It was from a dental procedure I had eight months before, and they assured me there was no way any of it was covered, and it was to be 100% out of pocket. To say we were both blown away was an underestimate, I truly believe God was preparing us to give more and was building up our faith in the process.
In late December after Church, one day, I ‘randomly’ said to my husband, “Bob, I feel like we are supposed to make a donation to the building fund for Church. Don’t get mad, but I have an exact number on my heart.” I told him the number and waited for him to cringe, however, he said, “That’s so weird I was just thinking the same thing, but the number in my head is double.” Wow. That right there was wild because neither of us had ever given that size of a donation nor had we ever planned to, if this was even a few months before we both would have laughed or became irritated by the other’s suggestion. God was surely on the move, and so that day, we donated the number on Bob’s heart.

And God showed up! The NEXT DAY (are you seeing a theme here…) Bob walked into a doctor’s office for his own appointment, and the doctor casually said, “Our lab services just left, and now we don’t have anyone to draw blood in our office, so you have to go to quest or lab corp.…” Well, it just so happens that Bob just started his own business in lab services, and he closed the account within ten minutes. THAT JUST DOESN’T HAPPEN, to close an account that size usually takes months if not years and a ton of no’s before hearing a hint of maybe. We were both in awe of God. Again, we believe God was preparing us to give more and building up our faith in the process.

The last story, just a few weeks ago, I said to Bob, “I feel like we are supposed to make that same donation again this month to the building fund,” and Bob instantly agreed, and we did it that day. About a week later, a HUGE debt was erased from Bob’s business, again, that just doesn’t happen. Wow, we were just in awe of God so strongly showing up in our giving.

I am not saying if you give God is instantly going to give you back more, this is just our story, and we felt like it was too amazing to keep to ourselves. We wanted to share God’s faithfulness and goodness in our life. Because when we starting giving these gifts, it was definitely not an ‘ideal’ time for us to be giving out extra money, but we stepped out boldly in faith.

Let’s be honest, God is God, and at the end of the day, he doesn’t need any of our money. He doesn’t need anything from anyone, but what he desires is our faith and trust in Him. He loves to go to action for his people when we boldly step out in faith even when it isn’t the best timing, or there is currently no overflow. He has every resource in the world, and I truly believe he takes pleasure in blessing his children!

To end, I just want to say both me and Bob have grown stronger in our faith during this process and have definitely changed our attitude toward giving from one of hesitant frustration to open excitement knowing that God is in the midst of our giving.

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Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever. 1 Chronicles 16:34